Hello, I'm Alex.

I make advertising work better, using data.

I'm a marketing effectiveness and analytics person, and Chief Product Officer at Wavemaker, a WPP communications agency. I help clients use data, technology and good analysis to create better experiences and outcomes for their brands. I've previously worked in strategy, analytics and consulting roles at Ogilvy, Kantar, Fabric and Maxus. I believe analytics and creativity work best when they work together.

I regularly speak and write about marketing effectiveness and the role of analytics in communications. I'm @alexsteer on Twitter, and I blog occasionally.

My main technical interests are in media optimisation, especially the maths of media scheduling and targeting; marketing mix modelling; attribution; and meta-analysis of marketing effectiveness data. I use R, SQL, and occasionally Python and PHP.

You can email me at alex.steer@wmglobal.com or alex@cantab.net.